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Researcher, Coder and Entrepreneur

Life is too short to work on things you don't love to do...


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The Need For Speed Is Killing Your Company

Posted on Feb 4

There is a great misconception among leaders today; too often, and especially when feeling the pressure, leaders assume it is their job to narrow a decision to a simple pair of...


Dialing back the cleverness

Posted on Sep 24

There is no way to better state this…. Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place. Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you...


It’s not only about the games

Posted on Sep 20

Interesting article on the views of 2 experienced venture capitalists, and what they look for when they invest in game startups. TL;DR: The following list can be applied to any...


When no one else is passionate about your passion

Posted on Sep 20

Unfortunately, not all who chase their passions will find a perfectly overlapping market need. There’s a tension brewing in the startup world that I think needs to be brought...


Expose Yourself to New Things

Posted on Sep 18

I was asked last week, in a Fashion and Tech meetup, why I was there. My answer? “To see things outside of my domain”. I truly didn’t have a reason, except to...


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